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All Guilds Meeting - April 2015

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Spring is in the air...well actually, it's a cavern, so you can't really tell...but the All Guilds Meeting continued on anyway!  We've got the usual raw and cleansed chatlogs for those that missed out due to weekend festivities.

Here's what you missed in handy summary form!

The Cleft and Below

Esto [Centura] was first to talk about the group's latest project: an audio recording of The Third Journeyer (the first five volumes of which are now in a handy PDF format!) under their new TCaB Echo radio drama banner!  They are looking for two voiceover artists, one male and one female, to fill the roles.  Auditions are being held every Thursday from now until May 7th in the Cavern Events' Hood.  You can read more at our corresponding news post.

MystiTech Productions

Vector Prime updated the crowd on the latest news from The Lost Art, the group's machinima production.  Filming has been going very well, and they plan to have an event around the D'ni New Year in their hood.  The exact details on that are forthcoming, so check back.

They are also looking for two male voiceover actors, aged 30's to 50's for two minor characters.  Those who are interested can send an e-mail to their voice director at enquiries@mystitech.de.


Janeerah was coaxed up to the stage to talk briefly about a new fan-made game set in the Myst universe.  Right now, the game is only available in French, but plans are in the works for an English version to be released as soon as possible.


Christian Walther came up last for OU.  He mentioned that work is ongoing in getting the latest fixes and tweaks into the latest version of the Minkata client, which will hopefully be released very soon.

May's All Guilds Meeting

Doobes was last to mention that he will be handing over moderating duties for May's AGM to Christian Walther!  Doobes will return for June's AGM after the business of moving is done.


The CAVCON finished at an even 3.0 for the month of March.  Keep those donations coming in!


Be sure to join Guest Moderator Christian Walther for May's All Guilds Meeting on May 2nd at 13:00 KI time in Kirel!

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